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We provide pipe sliplining repair service for home owners and businesses who have leaking and damaged pipes in Dublin and throughout Leinster. Repairs are suitable for typical drain pipes and sewer pipes.

    Pipe Sliplining

    Pipe sliplining also known as pipe patching or patch lining is a non invasive pipe repair method to fix leaking pipes. The process involves preparing a polyeurethane resin liner which is wrapped around an inflatable stopper. The stopper is inflated to bond the liner into the pipe. Once the liner is set in place and cured, the stopper is then removed. This creates a permanent structural repair of the pipe. Repairs can be made to pipes that are sized from 150mm to 450mm in diameter.


    • Non-invasive: Leaking pipes can be repaired without having to dig up a trench in order to access the damaged drain. The no dig pipe slipling technique prevents damage to landscapes and driveways around your house.
    • Minimal disruption: The repair process will not effect drains and sewer lines.
    • Cost effective: Pipe defects can be repaired without replacing the whole pipe and no landscape repairs are required as no excavation is needed.
    • Quick installation: Pipe sliplining is a quick process to carry out to repair damaged pipes.

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